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Learning Resources

Find various resources for Mathematics Education here.

Conversion Tool: Radian and Degree

This tool allows learners to convert between the two units of angle measurement, radian and degree. It demonstrates how and why there is a connection between the two. Using a protractor, strings, thumb pins, and a scale printed on the layout, learners can readily convert between the radian and degree measure of an angle.

Creator: Tarun Aggarwal


Introductory Linear Algebra Kit

This tool uses thumb pins and elastic strings to depict segments, vectors, polygons, and other 2-dimensional regions. It is particularly designed to visualize the impact of linear transformations on regions and study the properties of the ‘matrix of linear transformation’. It can be used to interpret the geometrical significance of the ‘determinant’ and the process of using matrices to represent regions.

Creator: Robin Sharma


Make Your Own Magic Square

The 'magic square' here is a special arrangement of numbers in a 4 by 4 grid such that the sum of numbers in each row, column, diagonal, corners, and four middle squares are all equal. Anyone can change the digits and create a unique magic square that holds all the above properties.

Creator: Jahangir


Play with Vedic Square

Creator: Sandeep Yadav


Number Polygon Tool

This activity requires learners to place numbers along edges of a polygon such that the sum of numbers across every edge is constant and equal to the number marked at the center. This is repeated for different polygons, different target sums, and varying the number of open positions along the edges.

Creator: Preeti Chaudhary


100 Milestones of Mathematics with Mathematicians

This document collates and lists 100 crucial moments where mathematics played a vital role in the evolution of civilization.

Creator: Andleeb Zehra and Anurag Saini

100 Milestones_001.jpg

Dimension Destination

This is a short (about 10 minutes gameplay) web-based game. It intends to build a sense of spatial awareness and provides an opportunity for the player to apply his/her coordinate geometry skills while also building knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals through its narrative. The game was designed and developed using Unity 3D 5.0.

Creator: Robin Sharma

DD Game_1.png


GIOCO is a two-player game in which the objective is to own three consecutive squares on a 3 by 3 grid. Players take turns to select a square and can only own it if they correctly answer the math question associated with that square. Questions can be changes by educators who want to use the game. The game was created using MATLAB and requires MATLAB to run.

Creator: Rabia Malik


Life Sized Mathematical Ludo

Apply your superior knowledge of number operations and tricks to beat your friends at this twisted game of Ludo.

Creator: Robin Sharma and Sourabh Garg

Ludo Display.jpg

Hope to 100

Test your knowledge of trivial math facts and problems, and perform number operations while playing this life-sized board game with your friends.

Creator: Robin Sharma and Sourabh Garg

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