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C Cube

Creative Conversation over Coffee (C Cube) are semi-formal, interactive sessions, organized by MATRIX, primarily for students of current batches of MME. Facilitated by alumni, field experts, and professionals, these sessions provide an opportunity for students to learn about trends in education, gain useful skills, and engage with peers. C Cube sessions are held fortnightly throughout the year.

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Upcoming C Cube Sessions

Rohit Upadhyay

17th October, 2023

​Continuous Professional Development

Priyankesh Dixit

10th January, 2023

Previous C Cube Sessions

18th August, 2022

Introduction To The Number Concept In Early Years by Sanjay Raghav

13th July, 2022

24th June, 2022

Current Trends In Education by Rishabh Tiwari

6th June 2022

9th April, 2022

Delhi's New Education Model with Rohit Upadhyay

27th March, 2022

Math Learning in COVID Times: Journey of TicTacLearn with Arushi Kapoor

13th March, 2022

Product Management with Nitin Madhesia

27th February, 2022

Developing a Video Resource with Sourabh Garg

8th and 23rd January, 2022

Introduction to Articulate Storyline 360 by Rabia Malik

11th December, 2021

Basics of Writing a Research Paper by Namrata Nigam

27th November, 2021

Choosing and Applying to the Right PhD program in Education by Robin Sharma

13th November, 2021

Understanding Coding Logics for Game Development and Advanced Geogebra by Tarun Aggarwal

23rd October, 2021

Economics of Education by Priyankesh Dixit

9th October, 2021

Academic Conferences and the Art of Abstract Writing by Akash Kumar Saini

25th September, 2021

Problem Based Learning by Deepak Sharma

11th September, 2021

Storyboarding and Narrative Writing by Tarun Aggarwal

28th August, 2021

How to Make the Classroom Environment Interesting for Kids by Anjali Thakran

14th August, 2021

Activity Based Learning and The Art of Mathematical Storytelling by Apoorva Verma

24th July, 2021

Curriculum Development and Web Tools by Syed Shahzar

10th July, 2021

Systems Thinking by Satyendra Joshi

26th June, 2021

You, MME, and Your Market Potential by Shivakshi Bhardwaj

12th June, 2021

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