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Class of 2015

MME 2 Abhishek.jpg

Abhishek Kumar

Director, Abhishek Classes

other qualifications: Business Economics (H)

MME 2 Andleeb Zehra.jpg

Andleeb Zehra Mirza

Teacher, EDMC

other qualifications: NET (Education)

MME 2 Anurag Saini.png

Anurag Saini

Guest Faculty, Cluster Innovation Centre

other qualifications: B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed., CTET, HTET, NET (Education)

MME 2 Atul Anand.jpg

Atul Anand

Senior Curriculum Designer, Mastree

other qualifications: B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)

MME 2 Era Kaila.jpg

Era Kaila

Curriculum Designer (Mathematics), SplashLearn

other qualifications: B.Ed., B.Sc. Mathematics, NET (Education)

MME 2 Garima Singhal.JPG

Garima Singhal

Senior Actuarial Analyst, Metlife Global Operations

other qualifications: Actuarial Science

MME 2 Naim Akram.png

Naim Akram

Founder, Mathventures India Pvt. Ltd.

other qualifications: B.Sc.

MME 2 Nutan Singh.jpg

Nutan Kumar Singh

Director, Nutan Universal Academy Pvt. Ltd.

MME 2 Rashid Malik.jpeg

Rashid Malik

Founder, Endeavour Classes

other qualifications: B.Sc.(H) Mathematics, M.Sc. Mathematics

MME 2 Reshma Rafique.jpg

Reshma Rafique

Mathematics Teacher, Room to Read

other qualifications: B.A.(H) Mathematics, B.Ed.

MME 2 Sakshi Bajaj.jpeg

Sakshi Bajaj

Sr. Curriculum Designer (Mathematics), SplashLearn

other qualifications: B.A. (H) Mathematics, B.Ed., NET (Education)

IMG_20221226_001906_827 - Syed Shahzar.jpg

Syed Shahzar

Manager, Cuemath

other qualifications: B.Sc. (H) Mathematics

MME 2: Team Members
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