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Matrix 3.0: Celebrating 2 Years of Matrix

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

23rd October 2018, New Delhi, India.

Matrix 3.0 marked the two-year anniversary of Matrix. Along the way, we have grown stronger as a community too. Our objective during MATRIX 1.0: Inaugural event and launch of the society were to popularize Mathematics education and to provide an opportunity for participants to engage with Mathematics in a fun and playful way. Riding along the same lines and on the success of the previous versions of the event, Matrix 3.0 brought with it new ways to engage participants in the realm of Mathematics education and experience it intrinsically.

From past years of experience and the degree of interest shown by students as well as their teachers in the past events of Matrix, this version had us organizing separate competitive events for students and teachers. The idea was to make these events more participatory for aspiring educators and teachers. Life-Sized Mathematical Ludo and Hope to 100 received similar attention and participation as it did when it was initiated and was swarmed by participants throughout the day. Dimension Destination and Mathematical Pictionary amused the participants and turned out to be a very competitive event with almost every student being drawn towards them.

The new events introduced in Matrix 3.0 were 'Vietnamese Chess' and 'Designing a Mathematical Flag'. These were students-only events but received equal appreciation from the teachers too. Simultaneously, teachers had their own fun with designing T-Shirts, Click for Story, and Math Wall. The underlying theme for both these events was the use of Mathematics in the designs created. Teachers also participated in various puzzle-based games, such as Tarsia puzzles, that kept their minds captivated by the complexities and fun which constitutes Mathematics.

Separate events for teachers and students ensured that each category of participants was involved in the mathematical world around them. The day ended with prize distribution and feedback from the people who participated in the events.

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