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Matrix 2.1: Paper and Poster Presentations

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

24th April 2018, New Delhi, India.

With its fourth edition, MATRIX 2.1 came knocking on the doors of B.El.Ed, B.Ed. and Mathematics students as well as Pre-Service teachers as a platform for them to present their ideas around the notion of imparting Mathematical culture within society. Almost similar to its previous editions, with the addition of Paper Presentation, MATRIX 2.1 attempted a very successful incursion into bringing together people who could share their ideas around the given set of themes, as well as giving them a day around enjoyable Mathematical activities and games.

Once again, owing to the large scale of participation by individuals from various walks of Mathematics and Education fields, MATRIX 2.1 brought together stakeholders and provided them with a stage to voice and present their ideas around Interdisciplinary Approaches, Project-based and Phenomenon based learning, integration of ICT and education and Teachers' Training Courses and Reflective Teaching acting as the need of the hour. Additionally, the themes also tackled the Popularization of Mathematics Education, Methodological Issues, and Emerging Trends in Mathematics research as well as Parallel Systems of Education. With such an expansive range of subject matter, the Paper Presentation witnessed many animated discussions throughout its duration.

Apart from the introduction of this new element, the event saw hit games and activities from previous editions, once again pulling crowds to the premises of MATRIX. With Dimension Destination and Pictionary garnering vivid participation, the edition replaced Mathematical Rangoli with Theme Wall and Click for Story with Photo Story. Theme Wall, even with its fresh reputation, was welcomed warmly by regular and new participants, equally. Photo Story, which came as a twist to what was previously known as Click for Story, also engaged the excited participants, with them running around the campus and weaving stories around their captures.

In its entirety, just like its older counterparts, MATRIX 2.1 was much appreciated for truly epitomizing its vision of how every element is important. With becoming a rising beacon of the realms of Mathematics Education, MATRIX 2.1 successfully continued the legacy that came with MATRIX 1.0.

Brochure for Paper Presentation 2.1
Download PDF • 257KB

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