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Matrix 2.0: Experiencing the Mathematical World

31st October 2017, New Delhi, India.

The Matrix Festival is primarily associated with Mathematics Education. We celebrate it in an indulgent manner, making it possible for the participants to experience the mathematical world in a fun way. Our event is not only a hotspot for educators to brainstorm but also a platform for students and teachers to experience new, innovative ideas of teaching and learning of Mathematics.

Matrix 1.1 was open for all students of Delhi University as well as students from various schools of Delhi. A plethora of games and events kept the crowd captivated throughout the day. School students participated in various competitive events and mathematical games and winners won exciting prizes. Non-competitive games, such as Life-Sized Mathematical Ludo, Hope to 100, Pentomino Puzzles, and many chess based games, drew prodigious attention from the students throughout the day, owing to their recreational factor.

As a part of the movie showcase, The Imitation Game was brought to the participants. It is a 2014 British historical drama film, based on the 1983 biography, Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges. Events such as Mathematical Pictionary and Theme based Rangoli were also included and were well received by the excited audience.

Click for Story and Treasure hunt events were all about adrenaline, creativity, and problem-solving. It was quite evident from the participants comprising college students of Delhi University. The most talked about event of the day was Dimension Destination, a team game that saw the highest participation of all the events held on the day. The day concluded with prize distribution and wide appreciation from the attendees.

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