Continued learning during COVID-19 lockdown: live discussion with Ruchi Goel

     At the time of a global pandemic when schools and universities are shut and keeping up with regular teaching-learning practices is a challenge, Ms. Ruchi Goel of MME Batch 4 is conducted an online interactive session for students, educators and parents. The program organized by the Central Institute of Educational technology (CIET) of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) covered topics from mathematics pedagogy.

     The live session provided an opportunity for viewers to have their questions answered in real-time in live-chat on YouTube, by calling or sending in their questions via email. The session was also broadcasted live online on the Swayam Prabha Kishore Munch channel through television services like Tata Sky, Videocon, Airtel TV, Doordarshan. It was also streamed live on the NCERT official YouTube channel.

Below are the details of the session.

26th June, New Delhi, India

Measurement of Mass/Weight

      In this live session, Ms. Ruchi Goel talked about how to approach the concept of measurement of weight with primary graders. The session aimed to cater to both teachers and students. The session consisted of a mix of interactive stories and activities. It discussed the basic yet very important mathematical vocabulary related to weight measurement. Mass and weight are the concepts that all students come across in daily life. Contrary to the abstract nature of mathematics, Ruchi discussed how this concept is concrete and among the essential things that a student should know. Utmost care was taken to include such examples and activities that help students to relate the abstract concepts with the real-life situations. In order to make the session more interactive and fruitful, the doubts raised by students, teachers, and other stakeholders in the comment section as well as through the toll-free number, were also answered.

Watch the session below.