Hands On Resources

Exponent Tool.jpg


Domain: Number Systems

This tool deals with the concept of exponents. It helps in visualizing the concept using blocks that can be easily manipulated. For example, to visualize 3^1, one can show 3 blocks at a time and for 3^2, one will take 3 blocks three times which will be 9 blocks together. This way one can go on up to certain numbers and using this a child can visualize how repeated multiplication works.

Radian Degree Display


Domain: Trigonometry

Created By: Tarun Aggarwal

This tool allows the learner to convert between the two units of angle measurement, radian and degree. It demonstrates how and why there is a connection between the two. Using a protractor, strings, thumb pins, and a scale printed on the layout, learners can readily convert between the radian and degree measure of an angle.

Linear Algebra Kit Display

Introductory linear algebra kit

Domain: Algebra, Geometry

Created By: Robin Sharma

This tool uses thumb pins and elastic strings to depict segments, vectors, polygons and other 2-dimensional regions. It is particularly designed to visualize the impact of linear transformations on regions and study the properties of ‘matrix of linear transformation’. It can be used to interpret the geometrical significance of the ‘determinant’ and the process of using matrices to represent regions.



Domain: Geometry

Created By: Naim Akram, Syed Shahzar

This tool enables the learner to verify the relationship between the angles formed by a chord at the centre and at any other point on a fixed circle. The learner can move the endpoints of chord/arc and measure the two angles with the help of 360-degree protractors attached at the centre and on the circle. Length of the chords can also be manipulated to check if the property holds true or not.


Domain: Number Systems, Number Operations

Created By: Jahangir

The 'magic square' here is a special arrangement of numbers in a 4 by 4 grid such that the sum of numbers in each row, column, diagonal, corners and four middle squares are all equal. Anyone can change the digits and create a unique magic square that holds all the above properties.

moving quadrilateral

Domain: Geometry

This tool enables the learner to verify the angle sum property of cyclic quadrilaterals for an infinite number of quadrilaterals formed by taking vertices on a fixed circle. The learner can move the vertices of the quadrilateral along the circle and measure the angles formed at the vertices using the 360-degree protractors attached at the intersection of two sides. It can also be used to verify other properties related to cyclic quadrilaterals like the relationship between the exterior angles, the relationship between opposite angles, etc.


Domain: Number Systems

Created By: Sandeep Yadav

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Domain: Number Systems

Created By: Preeti Chaudhary

This activity requires the learner to place numbers along each edge of a polygon such that the sum of numbers across every edge is constant and equal to the number marked at the center. This is repeated for different polygons, different target sums and varying the number of open positions along the edges.


100 milestones of mathematics with journey of mathematicians

Created By: Andleeb Zehra & Anurag Saini

This document collates and lists 100 crucial moments where mathematics played a vital role in the evolution of civilization.