Physical and Board Games

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life-sized mathematical ludo

Domain: Number Systems

Apply your superior knowledge of number operations and tricks to beat your friends at this twisted game of Ludo.


hope to 100

Domain: Number Systems

Test your knowledge of trivial math facts and problems, and perform number operations while playing this life-sized board game with your friends.



A pentomino is a polygon in the plane made of 5 equal-sized squares connected edge-to-edge. Pentomino puzzles require the learner to assemble the set into a larger given shape without overlaps.  Some examples are arranging the set of pentominoes to form rectangles of dimensions 12 by 5, 10 by 6, 15 by 4, 20 by 6.



This game is played by a team of 2 players at a time. One player is blind-folded and has to find their way through a maze. The other player communicates the path to them but can only use mathematical terminology and vocabulary. The team which takes the minimum amount of time wins. The objective of the game is to promote mathematical communication.