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Mathematics Education Society, Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi



Matrix is the Mathematics Education Society of Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi. Initiated in 2016 by students of the program M.Sc. Mathematics Education, Matrix regularly organizes panel discussions, teacher training workshops, education fests, and other activities for educators, students., and anyone interested in Mathematics Education.

M.Sc. Mathematics Education

M.Sc. Mathematics Education (MME) is a two-year postgraduate course accredited by the first-ever meta-university concept in India and administered by the Cluster Innovation Centre. Breaching institutional boundaries, it is a joint degree offered by the University of Delhi (DU) and Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI). MME breaks away from the conventional pedagogy of teaching Mathematics, especially at the school level. The program lays special emphasis on project-based learning and educational research in order to foster innovations for problem-solving by facilitating students to unleash new ideas.


Opportunities in Mathematics Education

After completing the program, graduates take up diverse roles in industry, academia, and entrepreneurship. Alumni are currently working across the domains of curriculum and instruction design, content writing, teaching, educational research, mathematics education management, and leadership. Some students have started their own ventures developing educational resources and providing services.

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